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What is Doggie DooLittles? We are a pet waste removal services, aka a pooper scooper, business serving the Toledo, Ohio region of Lucas County and Wood County! We come to your yard and do the dirty work that no one else wants to do. We end a lot of family feuds and bring peace and harmony back into your family.

Doggie DooLittles is ideal for busy pet owners, people in their golden years, people with limited physical ability and people who just can’t stand the sight or smell of poo. “Who scoops?” can be the the big question that starts a family feud. We put an end to all of that! Who Scoops? We do!

toledo pooper scoopers | toledo pet waste removal servicesWho are we? We are Matt and Tiffany Jones from St. Marys Ohio. Matt is a lifelong St. Marys native and Tiffany was raised in Darke county Ohio. We have been married for 15 years (Tiffany likes to remind people that she was 10 when she got married). We both share a love for animals and people and can make any work we do fun, including scooping poo!